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The Undersecretary of Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs pays an official visit to Romania 17-21 October 2016

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The political consultation committee between Sudan and Romania has held its first meeting in Bucharest on Tuesday18 October 2016 in the Romanian ministry of foreign affairs  , Sudan's Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Abdel-Ghani al-Na'im has discussed with his Romanian counterpart Daniela Grigore Gîtman ways to promote bilateral relations in the political, economic, cultural and scientific domains besides mutual support in internationals forums.

Sudan's Foreign Ministry said the two sides agreed to work jointly during the coming period to revive bilateral ties and mutual cooperation.It added the committee also agreed to activate agreements between the two countries in areas of higher education, health, agriculture and livestock besides the economic and cultural cooperation.

They agreed to hold the second  Sudanese economic forum in Bucharest within  the next spring in May 2017 in order to encourage businessmen from both countries to enhance trade and investment cooperation.

 Gîtman said that her country is keen to promote cooperation with Sudan, expressing appreciation to Sudan's pivotal role in the fight against illegal migration and terrorism, she pointed out that several bilateral agreements and joint projects would be launched during the coming period .

The two sides further agreed to exchange visits at the foreign ministers level during the coming period.

 In  his official visit Sudan's Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Abdel-Ghani al-Na'im has met with  the  Head of External relations committee in the Romanian Parliament as well as with the  romanian secretaries  of state of  the ministries of Agriculture, National Education, Economy and Health.

  The Sudanese Undersecretary  has delivered also a  debate   on the priorities of Sudan foreign policy  organized by Titulescu European Foundation in Bucharest and during the meeting with  the Arab council of ambassadors which was held by Sudan embassy in Bucharest  in Phoenicia hotel in 20.10.2016



In the Airport

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In the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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 The Meeting with the Council of Arab Ambassadors

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History: Land of the oldest human civilization, kush or meroetic kingdom (800BC - 320 )
Location: An Afro-Arab country, situated in heart of Africa, dominated by river Nile
Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1.882 million sq. miles
Population: 36 million, with 2.6 % growth rate
Climate: Ranges between Tropical in South, desert in North
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Official language: Arabic, english as a second langauge
Religions: Islam, Christianity

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