Sâmbătă, Ianuarie 20, 2018

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Prof George Grigore pays a visit to Sudan

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Khartoum - Arabic Department Coordinator of the University of Bucharest (Romania), Prof. George Grigore visited Sudan Vision accompanying H.E.  the Romanian Ambassador to Khartoum.
H.E. the Ambassador introduced Prof, Grigore to the Editor-in-Chief who in turn asked the guest about his mission.
Prof. Grigore said that his visit to Sudan comes within the framework of the coordination between Bucharest University and the International University of Africa in terms of exchanging lecturers in Arabic language along with study courses for Romanians to learn Arabic language in Sudan and organizing joint forums.


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History: Land of the oldest human civilization, kush or meroetic kingdom (800BC - 320 )
Location: An Afro-Arab country, situated in heart of Africa, dominated by river Nile
Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1.882 million sq. miles
Population: 36 million, with 2.6 % growth rate
Climate: Ranges between Tropical in South, desert in North
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Official language: Arabic, english as a second langauge
Religions: Islam, Christianity

Sudan Map