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Invitation for "Ramadan Iftar"

Invitation for "Ramadan Iftar"

There are no translations available. Bucharest: Romania July 3rd 2014   His excellency Mr. Mohammed Al-Tayeb Gasm Alla the sudanese ambassador in Bucharest, has invited Muslim  and...


Prof George Grigore pays a visit to Sudan

There are no translations available. Khartoum - Arabic Department Coordinator of the University of Bucharest (Romania), Prof. George Grigore visited Sudan Vision accompanying H.E.  the Romanian Ambassador...


خبراء اقتصاديون يصفون الاتفاق بين السودان وجنوب السودان بالايجابي وانه يحقق استقرار سياسي والاقتصادي

There are no translations available.   كاتب التقرير : علوية الخليفة   الخرطوم في 2/10(سونا) وصف خبراء اقتصاديون توقيع الاتفاق...



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History: Land of the oldest human civilization, kush or meroetic kingdom (800BC - 320 )
Location: An Afro-Arab country, situated in heart of Africa, dominated by river Nile
Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1.882 million sq. miles
Population: 36 million, with 2.6 % growth rate
Climate: Ranges between Tropical in South, desert in North
Currency: Sudanese Dinar
Official language: Arabic, english as a second langauge
Religions: Islam, Christianity

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