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Entry Visa
General Rules
  • Entry visas are granted to persons traveling to Sudan for official missions, tourism, work, business and those who have invitations from Sudanese institutions and firms.
  • Given a visa to Sudan, the stay period is one month. Extension, when necessary, can be done by the concerned authorities in Sudan.
  • Invitations to persons resident in Romania (companies – personal – unions, etc.) are only given visas when sent to the Embassy via Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sudan.
  • All entry visas are valid for single journey and valid for one month from the date of issue.
Note: if you are travelling to Sudan, you may want to check the Hotels section.


  • Passport valid for at least six months from the date of application to visa.
  • Yellow fever, AIDS and other infectious diseases vaccination certificates are strongly recommended.
  • Applicant should fill in an application form.
  • Two passport-size photos.
  • For tourists - authentic documents from a travel agency should specify reservation and trip route or a bank statement showing financial capacity.
  • Getting visa may take one week. However if all necessary documents and requirements are completed, visa may be granted within 3 days.
  • Fees: USD 52 ( in lei , according to the BNR exchange rate of the day).
Entry visa form: click here to download.
Transit Visa
  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Applicant should fill in a form (two copies)
  • Two passport – size photos
  • A visa to the country of destination granted
  • Confirmed reservation having the exact date of arrival to and departure from Sudan
  • No fees


Passport Documents
If you need documents for a new passport click here to download.

Entry Visa

If you need documents for an entry visa click here to download.


History: Land of the oldest human civilization, kush or meroetic kingdom (800BC - 320 )
Location: An Afro-Arab country, situated in heart of Africa, dominated by river Nile
Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1.882 million sq. miles
Population: 36 million, with 2.6 % growth rate
Climate: Ranges between Tropical in South, desert in North
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Official language: Arabic, english as a second langauge
Religions: Islam, Christianity

Sudan Map